Mapei Silancolor Paint

Silancolor Paint is a silicone resin based paint that has the advantage of traditional mineral based paints (Silexcolor Paint) as well as synthetic paints.
Thanks to Silancolor Paint’s special formula, it leaves the substrate permeable to water vapour and considerably water repellent.

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Mapei Silancolor Paint

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Silancolor Paint is a silicone based paint that combines the advantages of traditional mineral based paints (Silexcolor Paint) and synthetic paints. Silancolor Paint’s special formula leaves the substrate permeable to water vapour but resistant to liquid water. Unlike normal synthetic paints, Silancolor Paint creates a porous film, allowing water vapour to escape whilst at the same time not letting liquid water penetrate the paint film.

Silancolor Paint adheres perfectly onto all types of traditional renders and well bonded existing paints. Its water repellent nature protects the substrate from chemical aggression, does not dirty easily and is durable with high resistance to cleaning.
Silancolor Paint is highly resistant to alkalis, cleaning, U.V. rays and general weathering without altering its properties.

Painting surfaces when a prestigious aesthetic effect, very high water repellence and excellent vapourpermeability is required for the substrate.

Silancolor Paint not only protects the surface, but has a very pleasing smooth, opaque and velvet effect to the touch and is available in a vast range of colours. Silancolor Paint is also suitable for applications in interiors on gypsum or old paints as long as they are well bonded to the substrate. Where the substrate is uneven or pitted use Silancolor Base Coat prior to painting with Silancolor Pain

Application examples

• Decoration of all cement or lime based renders.
• Decoration of Mape-Antique based renders.
• Re-painting surfaces over old paint.




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Data Sheets

Data Sheet – Silancolor Paint
Safety Sheet – Silancolor Paint

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